Monday, May 17, 2010

Saving Money on Windows

Calculate the cost-savings from installing new windows. Windows leaks are the primary cost associated with heating or cooling a building, but replacement windows cost a significant amount. To determine if you are using this money in the most effective way, you need to find how much your energy efficient windows will really save.
A new factor to the equation is certain federal tax credits for energy efficient improvements. Replacement windows Denver can earn you up to a $1,500 tax credit, which is almost guaranteed to pay for the windows without accounting for additional energy savings. To make sure your heater is not on all the time from drafts (which will call for a furnace repair service quickly) you need to install air-tight windows. In an age where people are turning off the lights and pinching pennies, it makes not sense to be loosing hundreds or thousands on the utility bill. The first step in a green home is efficient sealant from outside air, which is what Denver windows are for.

To take advantage of these federal tax credits, make sure you build during specified times. Both Colorado state and the federal government have programs that may end soon. Do not be intimidated by new technologies like triple pane windows with low e coatings. These windows are just designed to be sturdy and out preform standard glass panes. Not only do these new windows insulate for extreme temperature changes, they also do a good job at muffling sound. Metal and vinyl windows do not have expected maintenance costs from mold and swelling associated with water damage.

Although windows are a good place to start, any large air leak will also cause major gouging to your energy bill. Sealing leaks around pipes and adding insulation is another way you can try and save money.

For high end custom replacement windows Denver, the payback time may be over 10 years because of the high initial cost. Wood is the best insulator, but it costs more than twice vinyl and aluminum.

Although windows are often given more blame for drafts than they actually cost, single pane windows can create convection currents around the high temperature difference at the glass pane. In the short term, wearing   a sweater is the cheapest alternative, but for home improvement investments take the window installation.

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